Mountain Home Seventh-day Adventist School

The School Begins

Sunday, December 15, 1964, at two o’clock there was a special meeting just south of the city limits of Mountain Home, Arkansas, on Highway 62 South, where fifteen acres of land had been purchased. The land and material for a new school building were dedicated. The new school, 30 feet by 60 feet, provided a much needed place for the youth to learn. It also provided a suitable meeting place for the congregation until a new church building could be completed (Evans, 1964). In 1974 Pastor Marwood Hallett started an addition for the church school as part of the new Mountain Home church. This two-story structure was twenty-four by thirty-two feet. On January 8, 1976, Pastor Robert Gibson opened the church school with his wife, Mildred Gibson, serving as teacher (Cree, 1982). The Mountain Home school closed in 1992 but in 1994 it was voted to reopen the school and that it operate under the supervision of the conference office of education (Minutes, 1992; cf. 1994).

The Mountain Home school closed in 2010, but in 2017 they opened a Griggs Elementary distance education school.

Students at the Mountain Home SDA School

Harold Hiday assisting a student

Harold Hiday with his students at recess in 1984. Photos courtesy of Don Hevener.


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