A Brief History of Amity, Arkansas

The Richardson and Thompson General Store in Amity ca. 1910. Photo courtesy Arkansas State Archives.

Amity is a city in Clark County, Arkansas. It was founded in 1847 by several pioneer families from the Mount Bethel area of Clark County under the leadership of William F. Browning, who served as the Clark County surveyor from 1846 until his death in 1854. Browning named his settlement Amity because he hoped to find in it “peace and brotherhood” (Baker, 2017). With the Bean Lumber Company opening in 1940, followed by the Barksdale Lumber Company, logging soon became the main source of employment for the town. At its peak, the Bean Lumber Company was producing more than 150 million board feet of pine lumber and 120 million board feet of treated lumber annually, making it one of the largest distributors of southern pine in the United States (Wikipedia, 2019).


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