A Brief History of Berryville, Arkansas

The Berryville courthouse built in 1880 is now a museum

The city of Berryville, is the largest city in Carroll County, Arkansas. Along with Eureka Springs, it is one of the two county seats of Carroll County. Berryville was developed in the early 1850s as a trading and educational center for the area’s subsistence farmers. Berryville was co-founded by early residents Blackburn Henderson Berry and Arthur A. Baker. The town’s name was decided by the flip of a coin. Historically, Berryville’s economy relied on agriculture and livestock, as well as its position as a center of government in the county. The poultry industry has grown in Carroll County since the early 1950s, and Tyson Foods is Berryville’s largest employer today (Silva, 2015).


Silva, Rachel. (2015, May 16). Walks Through History, Downtown Berryville.

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