A Brief History of Denham Springs, Louisiana

Historic marker in front of the City Court building

Denham Springs is the largest area of commercial and residential development in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. The original land claims of John Noblet and Alexander Hogue form what is now the older section of Denham Springs, including the first residential and business districts. In 1828, William Denham, a Wilkinson County, Mississippi, native married Mercy Hogue, the daughter of Alexander Hogue, and three months later he purchased the 640 acres originally claimed by his father-in-law. The area had been known as Amite Springs, named for the Amite River on the west side, then Hill’s Springs. It was renamed Denham Springs in 1898. In recent history, downtown Denham Springs has been transformed into a collection of unique antique shops, and boutiques, including locally popular restaurants and cafes (Wikipedia, 2019).


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