A Brief History of Hot Springs, Arkansas

Bathhouse Row ca. 1910

Hot Springs, the seat of Garland County, is located in the picturesque Ouachita Mountains, largely surrounded by Hot Springs National Park. It gets its name from the natural spring water that flows out of the ground at 147 degrees F. These famous waters pervade the history of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Before the white man set foot in the valley, the hot springs were known as a place of peace, and various tribes would gather to enjoy the mysterious waters. The hot springs were designated in 1832 as the first national reservation, to prevent their commercial exploitation. During the early 1900s, thousands of people flocked the area to experience the waters’ curative powers. Elaborate bathhouses were built to house the large number of tourists visiting the place for springs and spa treatments. Historic Bathhouse Row is a group of eight architecturally significant bathhouses, most of which were constructed between 1912 and 1923 (History, 2019).


(2019). History of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Retrieved from u-s-history.com.

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