A Brief History of Mandeville, Louisiana

Invitation to the Mandeville Lodge Grand Ball, held at Mandeville Playhouse in 1894 (Lorando, 2018).

Mandeville is a small city in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. The area had long been agricultural land when the town of Mandeville was laid out in 1834 by developer Bernard Xavier de Marigny de Mandeville. The Marigny family owned nearly one-third of the city of New Orleans. In 1840 Mandeville was incorporated as a town. It became a popular summer destination for well-to-do New Orleanians wishing to escape the city’s heat. In the mid-19th century, regular daily steamboat traffic between New Orleans and Mandeville began, and by the end of the Victorian era, it had become a popular weekend destination of the New Orleans middle class as well. Bands would play music on the ships going across the lake and at pavilions and dance halls in Mandeville, and the town became one of the first places where the new jazz music was heard outside of New Orleans (Wikipedia, 2019).


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