A Brief History of Mountain View, Arkansas

Stone County courthouse in Mountain View built in 1922

Situated in the Ozark Mountains of north-central Arkansas, Mountain View is an isolated community that has long been known for its preservation of traditional folk music and culture. The Mountain View area attracts thousands of visitors each year, with features including the Ozark Folk Center, Blanchard Springs Caverns, the White River, and the Ozark National Forest, as well as the unique musical gatherings on the courthouse square. Until the Civil War no city of Mountain View existed and very few settlers resided on its soil. However, when Stone County was formed in 1873, a site at the center of the county was chosen to be the seat of government. After some disagreement on what to name the new county seat, a group of citizens held a drawing and chose the name Mountain View. Before Stone County was formed, the largest townships at the time were Riggsville and Sylamore. After a small log building was constructed as the new county courthouse, businesses began to grow around the new county seat. In 1890, Mountain View finally became an incorporated town (Nicholson, 2018).


Nicholson, Edie. (2018, May 24). Mountain View (Stone County). Retrieved from encyclopediaofarkansas.net.

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