A Brief History of Springdale, Arkansas

Emma Avenue in Springdale ca. 1910. Photo courtesy of Shiloh Museum of Ozark History.

Springdale is a major industrial center in northwest Arkansas with a population that almost doubled between 1980 and 2000 and is still on the increase. The settlement of this town began around 1838. The settlement began due to religious purposes, with the immediate reason being “the noble spring near a tree across the road.” In 1834 when surveyors surveyed the area around Shiloh, they noted that there were six farms and one hundred acres under cultivation. The name James Fitzgerald was the only one recorded in their notes. There were three log cabins along the section line where Maple Street runs today. A land grant for 80 acres along Spring Creek was donated by William Davidson Quinton in hopes that a church would be built. But it took the arrival of John Holcombe and building of a log church in 1843 at what was called briefly Holcombe Springs but later Shiloh. The name Shiloh stood until 1878 when the town of Springdale was incorporated by Washington County and Joseph Holcombe, son of John, became first mayor (Brotherton, 2002).


Brotherton, Velda. (2002). Springdale, The Courage of Shiloh. Charleston, SC: Arcadia.

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