A Brief History of Williford, Arkansas

1889 map of Sharp County showing the location of Williford along Spring River (Hearthstone, 2017).

Williford is a small community located in the eastern part of Sharp County near the Spring River, one of Arkansas’ most popular streams for recreational floating. During the early twentieth century, it was one of the county’s largest and fastest-growing towns, but since then it has experienced a steady decline resulting in an almost nonexistent business district and a population of fewer than eighty citizens. Jeremiah Pitt Baird, established his homestead on the banks of the Spring River in 1841. Shortly after he settled his family on the opposite side of the river of the present-day town, others began to move into the area. Among those was Ambrose Williford, who became a prominent landowner after whom the town was named (Polston, 2017). 


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