A Brief History of Winslow, Arkansas

The north entrance to the Winslow Tunnel as seen in 1899. Photo courtesy of the Washington County Historical Society.

Winslow is a city in Washington County, Arkansas. A stagecoach stop for many years, the community now known as Winslow first received a post office on December 11, 1876, known as Summit Home. The town grew significantly upon completion of the Winslow Tunnel, which allowed the St. Louis – San Francisco Railway (Frisco) to run through the steep Boston Mountains of south Washington County. The town was renamed to Winslow on August 3, 1881 in honor of Edward F. Winslow, president of the Frisco Railroad. The town became a somewhat resort town for its picturesque peaks at the end of the 19th century, drawing many wealthy from the Fort Smith area to summer there. It was incorporated on February 17, 1905 (Wikipedia, 2019).


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