Brentwood Seventh-day Adventist School


Artist’s rendition of the new school/youth center in 1980

The school in Brentwood was in operation from 1979 through 1989. Around 1980 a church member donated some land adjacent to the church and plans were drawn up for a two-level building to be built in such a way that each level would have its own ground entrance. The lower level was a large room that would give the Pathfinders a place to meet and serve as the fellowship hall. The upper level would house the schoolroom, library, and office. Construction began in June 1980 and by July the walls were up for the lower level (Carrico, 1980). In the spring of 1983, the Brentwood school got a new wood furnace complete with a blower, and running water to all the sinks. They were happy for these conveniences (Record, 1983).

Photos courtesy of Don Hevener


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