Chester Everett Kellogg

His Early Years

Ruth and Miles M. Kellogg and family. Chester is top right. On his right is Irma, then Edith, with Murl standing to his mother’s right. Lloyd is on her lap; then Vera sitting in front and Helen on her father’s lap. Three other children were born after this photo was taken ca. 1905 (Ancestry, 2012).

Chester Everett Kellogg was born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, on June 28, 1892, the son of Miles and Ruth (Woods) Kellogg. Chester was the oldest of ten children. His father was a boat builder on Lake Michigan. When Chester was about three or four years of age, his family moved to Plainview, Minnesota, for a short time, then to Boulder, Colorado, where they lived until Chester was 16. From there, they moved to Laramie, Wyoming. As he grew up, Chester learned the carpentry trade from his father and worked as a carpenter (Ancestry, 2021). He later used his skills to help build Arizona Academy (now Thunderbird Academy) (Christian, 1920). In 1916, Chester married Clara Brown. Over the next 14 years, the Kelloggs had six children.

Years of Service

Chester in 1940

Graduating from Pacific Union College in 1923, Chester had a long career in education, beginning at Lodi Academy in Lodi, California. He was the founder of the Kellogg Elementary School in Bedford, New Hampshire, and was a principal of South Lancaster Academy in South Lancaster, Massachusetts; Ozark Academy in Gentry, Arkansas; Arizona (Thunderbird) Academy and the Spanish American School, both in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1935 Mr. Kellogg became the Business Manager of Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, Massachusetts. He took this job at a time of financial crisis for the college, assuming his responsibilities at the end of the Depression. He is remembered by a former student of AUC as “roaming the campus, looking for ways to tighten the belt.” He was noted for his ambition, and was quoted as saying “Get springs in your heels” showing he expected energy out of those who worked with him. He also was past President of Southwestern Junior College in Keene, Texas, for seven years.

His Retirement Years

Chester and Clara Kellogg ca. 1980 (Grave, 2018).

After his retirement he was pastor of the Seventh-Day Adventist churches in Manchester, New Hampshire, area. Also during his retirement he was involved in such projects as being Clerk of the Works for the expansion of Preston Hall at AUC as well as serving as Clerk of the Works for ten years for the new wing of the New England Memorial Hospital and supervisor of their maintenance department. Chester passed away November 19, 1984, at New England Memorial Hospital, Stoneham, Massachusetts, after a brief illness (Grave, 2018).

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