Decatur Seventh-day Adventist School


The first Decatur school was opened October 5, 1905. No place in town could be found to hold the school so Mary H. Moore, the teacher, opened one room of her own home to be used. At first there were six students, but another Adventist family moved to town, which added five more students (Moore, 1905). In 1907 the school began meeting in the new church and had fourteen students (Johnson, 1907).

Decatur Community Education Center

Years later, the property purchased for the new church included a house which served as the building for the school. It was named the Community Education Center and was in operation from 1982 to 1990. Paul Knutz was the first teacher, assisted by Donna Baer. The school had two classrooms and a teacher’s office. On May 27, 1983, the end of the first school year was marked by the eighth grade graduation service, which was the first meeting held in the new Decatur church (Thomas, 1983).


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