Dorcas Federation

Dorcas Federation
Arkansas-Louisiana is making history in Dorcas work. Tuesday, November 27, 1945, at Shreveport the first
Dorcas Federation organization in
conference history was perfected. On
November 28, the second Dorcas Federation was organized at,Fayetteville,
Mrs. L. C. Lee at Shreveport, and
Elder A. R. Sousa from the Fort
Smith district, possessing a great desire for this type of organization,
placed their request to the home missionary department, and marvelous
was the response. A wonderful future
is ahead for the Dorcas Federation in
these two localities.
The official name for the federation in Shreveport is Dorcas Benevolent Service of Northwest Louisiana
and Southwest Arkansas. Shreveport,
Mansfield, Monroe, Minden, Camden
and Texarkana were represented. The
following ministers and their wives
were present at this organization:
Elders Wells, Manry, Lee, Nichols,
Brethren Shain, Osgood, Perrine, and
the writer.
Elder Manry served as chairman of
both organization meetings. He and

the writer went on to Fayetteville to
organize a federation, where another
six churches were represented: Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Brentwood,
Springdale, Rogers and Gentry.
The Federation of Fayetteville will
be known as Dorcas Benevolent Service of Northwest Arkansas.
Large size delegations were present
at both meetings, and a real future
is ahead for this type of work in our

12-12-1945 p. 2.

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