First Louisiana Camp Meeting

Early Seventh-day Adventist camp meeting. Photo courtesy of Office of Archives, Statistics and Research.

“According to appointment, this meeting was held at Alexandria, July 13-20 [1889]. The camp was situated in a beautiful grove just outside the city limits. The weather was favorable during the meeting. More of our people were in attendance than were at first expected. Five families came over one hundred miles by team. All present were glad to be at the first camp meeting held in this State.

Elders Allee and Morrison, A. F. Harrison, Dr. E. H. Mathewson, and the writer were the laborers present. Sister Eunice Hobbs, assisted by others, gave instruction to the youth and children. The preaching and instruction given had a practical bearing on the daily life, and the Lord gave us some new glimpses of that experience to which the people are now called. The local attendance was not large, owing to the distance of the camp from town; yet a number were present each night, and gave close attention to the word spoken.

Some time was spent in considering the different branches of the work, and a real interest in the progress of the cause was manifested. The expenses of the meeting and of several new tents were met by cash contributions, except about six dollars, which was afterward made up by a pledge. A committee was appointed to arrange for the camp meeting next year, and it was voted to raise one hundred and fifty dollars to purchase a large tent and a few more small tents. About fifty dollars was given to the Southern Industrial School. Several young people from this State expect to go there in the fall. –J. E. Evans” (Evans, 1889).


Evans, J. E. (1889, Aug. 23). Review and Herald, p. 542.

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