Maranatha Siloam Springs Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Company

A Brief History of Siloam Springs, Arkansas

In September 2009, church members and visitors from West Siloam Springs, Oklahoma, and Siloam Springs, Arkansas, met together as a new Spanish church plant in Siloam Springs.  They took the name Maranatha and steadily added interests and members as Brother Evelio Contreras, a layman from the Siloam Springs Spanish church, gave strong leadership to the group (Newsletter, 2010). The group was organized as the Maranatha Siloam Springs Spanish company on December 11, 2010 (Simpson, 2010). In August 2011, it was voted to buy property which had an existing church where they could meet (Minutes, 2011).

Maranatha Siloam Springs Company at their organization in 2010. Photo courtesy of the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference.


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