Marshall Church

Marshall Church Organized in 1997

A new congregation of fourteen charter members was organized by conference president James Gilley on June 14, 1997 (Record, 1997). They had been worshiping in a house that was donated by a non-Adventist friend. The children’s Sabbath school class was held in one of the bedrooms while the adult Sabbath school and worship services were held in the living room. Fellowship dinners were hosted in the enclosed carport. The members outgrew the house and the Lord led in acquiring an existing church building of more than 6,000 square feet. It was located on a little hill near the intersection of two highways. Within three years, membership had grown to thirty-five with visitors attending regularly (Doss, 2000). Ron Woolsey served as pastor on a stipend basis until his retirement in 2019 .

Fourteen charter members of the Marshall, Ark. congregation, standing on the porch with Pastor and Mrs. Ron Woolsey in front left.
Marshall SDA Church on E. Main Street in Marshall, Arkansas


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