Pine Bluff Seventh-day Adventist School

Groundbreaking for a new school

In the spring of 1988 the Pine Bluff members decided to start a school building program. There were only three students at the time but the members were sure they could have the building completed for classes in August 1988. Instead, they had to rent a small room and remodel it to be used as a school. The building committee had the money in hand and had paid for the steel structure of the building, only to learn that the steel company had declared bankruptcy and with that, the money saved for the building was lost and they had to start over. The rented room was within their budget and there were eight students instead of three so that was a blessing. The groundbreaking for the new school was held on October 6, 1988. This was the fulfillment of their dreams for the start of building a school (Record, 1989).


(1989 Apr. 1). Southwestern Union Record, p. 16.

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