Pocahontas Seventh-day Adventist School


The Clide L. Wickwire family moved from Colorado Springs to Pocahontas in 1939 and were the first Seventh-day Adventists there. In their hearts was a dream of an active church and school. With the passing of the years God blessed Mrs. Pearl Wickwire’s ceaseless efforts and the little group of Adventists grew. In 1953 school rooms were added under the guidance of Elder J. D. Nichols. It looked as if there might be eight students available, and twenty desks were purchased. That same year Mrs. Wickwire passed away before seeing her dream of a church school fully realized. Eighteen months later, on September 1, 1954, eight boys and girls enrolled in the first Pocahontas church school (Morton, 1955). The Pocahontas school was in operation through the 1960-1961 school year. For the following year, they decided to merge with the Jonesboro school and close Pocahontas (Green, 1961).


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