Sherwood Seventh-day Adventist Church

A Brief History of Sherwood, Arkansas

North Little Rock Church Organized in 1971

The first services of the North Little Rock church were held on November 28, 1970, with thirty-nine present. The congregation was formally organized on January 23, 1971, and met through the years in a little building which the congregation purchased from the Jehovah Witnesses during the time Pastor Ernest Clark was the district pastor (Minutes, 1971). All activity stopped while the freight train went past, which was right as the 11 o’clock service began each week.

Sylvan Hills sDA Church

In 1976, the North Little Rock church decided to move out — not only to a more desirable building, but also farther out from the North Little Rock area into the Sylvan Hills Addition of the community of Sherwood. George Buchanan, local elder, said, “We were led to this land. Nothing was here except trees and one billy goat.” Ground was broken May 8, 1977, for the new church and they began building. Jack Williams, a new member in the fall of 1976, suggested the new name of the church, Sylvan Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church (Record, 1977). A brick-veneer building with seating capacity of approximately 250 was designed and built by an Adventist contractor, Emmet Head. In addition to several Sabbath school classrooms housed on the lower area of the building, an additional 1,400 square feet of the building was set aside to function as a community service center to serve the surrounding area of Arkansas. The members began to worship in their new church in November 1977, and the official opening took place on December 3, 1977 (Kostenko, 1978). The mortgage was paid in December 1984 and the church was dedicated the following summer.

A New Church in 2001

Sign at construction site of new church

In March 1995, the Sylvan Hills church sold their property to the Northside Presbyterian church and were looking for a new piece of property. In 1998, they purchased land on Highway 107 in Jacksonville and around this time changed the name back to North Little Rock church. By 2000, the building plans and loans were in place and voted so they could begin the building project. They held their grand opening on December 15, 2001 (Newsletter, 2001).

Sherwood Community Church

At the end of 2011, the church members voted to change the name of their church to Sherwood Seventh-day Adventist Community Church (Mackay, 2012).

Sherwood church on Highway 107 in Jacksonville, Arkansas.


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