South Fort Smith Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Company

A Brief History of Fort Smith, Arkansas

The Work Begins

A group of members from the Fort Smith Spanish church began reaching out to Spanish families in the South Fort Smith community. They were very enthusiastic and enjoyed distributing literature, such as The Great Controversy, Steps to Christ, Hope for the End Time, and El Centinela, a Spanish magazine. As a result, they were able to organize five small groups and fifteen new contacts showed interest in learning more about the Bible. These contacts began attending the new church regularly (Alvarez, 2014).

A New Church in 2013

The South Fort Smith Spanish group was officially started December 14, 2013 (Simpson, 2014). After many efforts and prayers to find the most adequate meeting place for the new group, the Lord answered their prayers. He gave them a wonderful place where they could worship. They first began services in the new church building on December 14, 2013, with about thirty-two people (Alvarez, 2014).

South Fort Smith Spanish Company Organized in 2015

In preparation for organizing into small groups and to prepare the field for a week of evangelism, the Fort Smith Spanish church and the new South Fort Smith Spanish group came together for “10 Days in the Upper Room.” They met for ten nights, worshiping and studying the word of God, claiming the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and fasting every day as a church united. On the tenth day, six individuals were baptized (Alvarez, 2014). On January 3, 2015, the group was organized as the South Fort Smith Spanish company (Simpson, 2015).

South Fort Smith Spanish church on Texas Road in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Photo courtesy of Elder Stephen Orian.


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