Texarkana Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Company

A Brief History of Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas

The Work Begins

SDA Attorney and Religious Rights Advocate in Peru, Marco Huaco.

August 5 to September 13, 2003, the De Queen Spanish church members held an evangelistic seminar with guest speaker Marco Huaco from the Peruvian Union Conference. At the end of the seminar the De Queen Spanish members and the guest speaker held a seven-day evangelistic effort in the Texarkana church with the cooperation of David Farmer, the Texarkana pastor. Their goal was to establish a Spanish church group in Texarkana. Nimrod Garcia and his family continued the Spanish work in Texarkana after the meetings (Castro and Johnson, 2003).

Texarkana Spanish Company Organized in 2004

Nimrod Garcia was ordained as an elder in the newly-formed Texarkana Spanish company. Photo courtesy of the Southwestern Union Record.

The Texarkana Spanish company was organized on December 4, 2004 (Simpson, 2008). In the spring of 2005 after three weeks of meetings led by Maria Felisa Rando from Argentina and Texas Conference evangelist Victor Jaeger, the Texarkana Spanish group officially became the Texarkana Spanish company. Members studied twice a week for over six months with forty-nine people who responded to literature given out at a parade in Texarkana. The group had been holding their own Sabbath School and church services in the Texarkana school gym, and continued joining the Texarkana church for special events (Johnson and Castro, 2005).


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