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Mountain Echo

The first school paper, Mountain Echo, was started in 1937 and published monthly by Ozark Junior Academy. It had four pages of articles written by students about student life for those interested in the school (The Mountain Echo Staff, 1942). In 1949, they decided to publish The Mountain Echo for sale to those interested. Mr. J. C. Parsons, sponsor of the publication told the group that six hundred subscriptions would finance the project. Student response was heartily in favor of the plan. In November, the first issue was ready and subscriptions could be purchased for $0.50 per year (Bischoff, 1949).

Mountain Echo and Flintonian Staff 1941-1942. Photo courtesy of Ozark Adventist Academy.

The Flintonian

The second semester of 1942, the Mountain Echo staff conceived the idea of publishing a school annual in place of the May issue of the Mountain Echo. While annuals had been talked of and even started in the past, it was a pioneer project, and it seemed too good to be true when the cuts for The Flintonian arrived, and it became certain that the first annual was to be published (The Mountain Echo Staff, 1942). This edition was printed by the students of Ozark Academy printing class on a Chandler and Price job press (Flintonian, 1942).

First edition of The Flintonian produced in 1942
The Flintonian Archives

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