Irving Meek Evans

Arkansas-Louisiana Conference President, 1954-1963

His Early Years

Irving M. Evans ca. 1928

Irving Meek Evans was born on March 12, 1897, in Belmont, Ohio, to Anna May and William Clark Evans. He was the fifth of ten children, four girls and six boys. On September 15, 1915, Irving was united in marriage to Estella Mae Long. They had two daughters, Dorothy Virginia Evans and Mary Louise Evans (Ancestry, 2020).

Years of Ministry

Elder I. M. Evans in 1947 as president of the Georgia-Cumberland conference (Times, 1947).

For more than forty years Elder Evans served in various fields of leadership including field secretary in Ohio, New York, and the Southern Union, president of the Georgia-Cumberland conference and the Alabama-Mississippi conference, coming to the Arkansas-Louisiana conference in September 1954, where he served for the next nine years. During his administration many buildings and churches were erected. At Ozark Academy the dormitories known as Baker Hall and I. M. Evans Hall were completed. A new office building was completed and the headquarters of the conference moved from Little Rock to Shreveport (Times, 1975).

Elder I. M. Evans in 1960 as president of the Arkansas-Louisiana conference. Photo courtesy of the Southwestern Union Record.

Retirement Years

Retiring in 1964, Elder Evans was the longest-serving Arkansas-Louisiana conference president up to that time. Elder Evans and his wife moved to their place of retirement in Asheville, North Carolina (Minutes, 1963). Following a brief illness, Elder Evans passed away at his home on November 8, 1975.

Elder Irving M. and Estella Evans in 1964. Photo courtesy of the Southwestern Union Record.


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