Berryville Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church

A Brief History of Berryville, Arkansas

The Work Begins

Rodney Riley (Facebook, 2010)

Early in 2005, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Riley of the Huntsville Church attended the Amazing Facts School of Evangelism. While there, they met Pastor Mateo Ramirez, who was enrolled in the same program. Remembering the need for someone to give leadership to the opportunities of a growing Spanish presence back in his home community, Mr. Riley spoke with Pastor Ramirez about coming to Arkansas to help pioneer this work in the Berryville and Huntsville areas. After returning home, Mr. Riley felt impressed to visit a church member he had never met in a nearby town and appeal to him to help sponsor Pastor Ramirez. With approval from the Conference Executive Committee, Pastor Ramirez began work in Berryville during the summer of 2005 (Newsletter, 2007).

Mateo Ramirez’s family — daughter Hadassah (left), wife Marla, Mateo, and daughter Elena (Hostetler, 2019)

Berryville Spanish Company Organized in 2007

On Sabbath, January 6, 2007, the Berryville Spanish company was organized with fifty charter members. The Berryville church hosted the Spanish members and fostered the beginnings of this church plant (Newsletter, 2007).

Berryville Spanish Church Organized in 2017

The Berryville Spanish company was organized as a church on December 9, 2017 (Alcorn, 2018).

The Berryville Spanish church on East Fancher Avenue in Berryville, Arkansas. Photo courtesy of Google Maps, 2008.


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