Brentwood Hilltop Chapel

A Brief History of Winslow, Arkansas

Brentwood Church Organized in 1888

By 1888, several Adventist families had moved to the Brentwood area, and others embraced the truth, enabling a church to be organized with eleven members, while still others pledged to keep the Sabbath. A tract society was also formed and some signed the teetotal pledge (Henderson, 1888).

Brentwood Church Reorganized in 1926

Over the years, the church closed as members moved away or quit coming. In the summer of 1925, a new company was organized at Brentwood. The following year the Brentwood church was reorganized on May 2, 1926, with ten members (Richards, 1926). Eugene and Odeen Wakenight were instrumental in establishing the church and Mr. Wakenight served as the elder until his death on September 27, 1927 (Record, 1927; Ancestry, 2014). From 1936 to 1946, a branch Sabbath school was held in the home of Retta Nevill (Carroll, 1977). In 1959, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Cheney were leading in concentrated efforts in the community around Highway 71, with plans being laid to begin regular meetings in an unused schoolhouse (Green, 1959).

A New Church in 1977

About 1967, L. E. Smith began construction on a new church building. Rockwork and landscaping were completed in 1977 without the church ever going into debt. The Brentwood Hilltop Chapel was dedicated on May 21, 1977. Elders Haskell and Elder presented the church with a generous check from the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference and Elder Leach presented one from the Southwestern Union Conference to assist the church in refinishing the pews. (Carroll, 1977).

Brentwood Hilltop Chapel on Carroll Lane in Winslow, Arkansas.


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