Charles Norton Sanders

Louisiana Conference President, 1916-1920

His Early Years

Mrs. Ella King Sanders

Charles Norton “Charlie” Sanders was born on March 15, 1862, in Burlington, Michigan to Clarinda M Jones and Daniel B Sanders. He had a two-year-old sister, Lillian, and their brother, Roy, was born when Charlie was twelve years old (Ancestry, 2020). Charlie and his mother were the only ones in his family who accepted the Seventh-day Adventist message. Charlie attended Battle Creek College, working as a canvasser to help with expenses, and graduated in 1891 (GC Bulletin, 1941). June 14, 1892, Charles married Ella R. King, a teacher at Battle Creek Industrial Academy.

Years of Ministry

Elder C. N. Sanders

Elder Sanders began pastoring in the Michigan conference and served as the conference president from 1898-1899. He continued pastoring in the Michigan conference, the East Michigan conference, the Cumberland conference and the Indiana conference and served as the Religious Liberty Secretary for the Lake Union. In 1916, Elder Sanders was called to serve as the fourth Louisiana conference president, where he served until 1920. Mrs. Sanders served as the Educational and Young People’s Missionary Volunteer Secretary during this time. The Sanders returned north in 1920 and worked in Wisconsin and then Michigan again until their retirement.

His Retirement Years

Elder Sanders retired about 1939 and he and his wife moved to San Bernardino County in California. In 1941 at a testimony service, Elder Sanders stated, “I find my heart pained with the realization that not one of my father’s family except my dear mother, who has been dead thirty-five years, accepted this message” (GC Bulletin, 1941).


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