Delmer Perry Wood

Louisiana Conference President, 1920

His Early Years

Gertie Uptegrove Wood (Smith, 2012a).

Delmer Perry Wood was born on October 27, 1878, in Conquest, New York, to Betsy and Lewis Wood. Delmer was the youngest of three boys. His family moved to Burlington, Michigan, when he was two-years-old, then to Battle Creek, where Lewis died in 1895, when Delmer was 16. On March 14, 1905, Delmer married Mabel Gertrude Uptegrove, known as Gertie. The Woods had two sons, Leland Earl born in 1906 and James Wyland born in 1919.

Years of Ministry

Delmer became a minister and pastored in Michigan and Tennessee until 1920. He was called as the president of the Louisiana Conference in May 1920, but by August he had to resign due to his health (Worker, 1920). He went to Nebraska and served as the president until 1922, then returned north where he pastored in Massachusetts and New York until his retirement in 1947.

Delmer, Gertie, and Leland ca. 1913

His Retirement Years

Elder Wood and his wife moved to Orlando, Florida, when Elder Wood retired in 1947. He was sick for several months, passing away on April 2, 1950 (Orlando, 1950).


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