Huntsville Seventh-day Adventist Church

A Brief History of Huntsville, Arkansas

The Work Begins

A small Sabbath school group made up of isolated believers began meeting in Huntsville in 1948 (Westermeyer, 1948).

Huntsville Church Organized in 1963

On April 20, 1963, a twenty-two member church was organized by I. M. Evans and P. I. Nosworthy. Among the members who formed the nucleus of this church were Mr. and Mrs. F. L Beldsoe, and Mrs. J. Conley (Beeler, 1996). Their first baptism was held four months later, with a couple to whom Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Wiswell had brought the message. At the constituency meeting held on April 26, 1964, the Huntsville Church was voted into the conference sisterhood of churches (Minutes, 1964). By early 1968, land had been purchased on which to build a church (Record, 1968).

Huntsville Church on West Main Street in Huntsville, Arkansas. Photo courtesy of Google Maps, 2016.


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