Orville Dorr Wright

Arkansas-Louisiana Conference President, 1963-1966
The Wright family ca. 1915 (Wright, 2018)

His Early Years

Orville D. Wright at Atlantic Union College in 1934 (Ancestry, 1934).

Orville Dorr Wright was born on June 19, 1909, in Gold, Potter, Pennsylvania, to Phoebe Elanora, and George Frederick Wright. Orville was the eighth of twelve children. He attended Coudersport High School and graduated from Atlantic Union College in South Lancaster, Massachusetts. Orville earned his M. A. in religion at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan (Republic, 2000).

Wright family in 1937 from oldest to youngest (Wright, 2018).

Years of Ministry

Elder Wright began his denominational service as the Dean of Boys and Bible teacher at Pine Tree Academy, Auburn, Maine. His next assignment was at Atlantic Union College, where he served as Dean of Boys and as an instructor in the Bible Department (Sandefur, 1966). For more than 25 years he was in pastoral work in Buffalo and Rochester, New York; Providence, Rhode Island; Atlanta, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; and Detroit, Michigan. From 1963 – 1966, Elder Wright served as the president of the Arkansas-Louisiana conference, then became the president of the Pennsylvania conference until his retirement (Advertiser, 1967).

Retirement Years

When he retired, Elder Wright and his wife moved to Sun City, Arizona. Elder Wright died February 29, 2000, at the age of ninety.


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