Pathfinder-Education Fairs

First Annual Pathfinder-Education Fair

The first annual Pathfinder-Education Fair to be held in our conference was May 14, 1978, with over 500 students in attendance. It was held at the State Fair Grounds in Shreveport, Louisiana (Record, 1978). Schools from the entire conference brought science, art, and craft projects which they had prepared for display and judging. Track and field events were also included (Williams, 1978). The second year, this event was held in Bossier City, Louisiana. Over 700 students from thirty-one schools and twenty Pathfinder clubs came for the event (Hancock, 1979). A Pathfinder-Education Fair, later called a Pathfinder Science Fair, continued to be held each year in various locations. By 1984, they were being held in two locations, one in Arkansas and one in Louisiana.

1984 Pathfinder-Education Fair at Little Rock Adventist Academy

The last conference sponsored Pathfinder-Education Fair for which a record could be found was in 1990. Some schools began holding their own local Education and/or Science fairs and field day events and Pathfinders held events with other Pathfinder clubs.


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