Pineville Pathfinder Club

L to R: Kenny Torres, Jordan May, Anneth Torres, Pathfinder director Hector Torres, Abraham Torres, Sarah Kyle, and Ingrid Radulescu.

The Central Louisiana church formed a new Pathfinder club in 2006 called the Immanuel Pineville Pathfinders. For a long time the church’s playground lay in ruins. The swings were damaged and had never been replaced. The exercise bars were rusted and needed a new coat of paint. The Pathfinders and their leaders decided that fixing up the playground was a project they could accomplish to help make others happy. Head deacon Mike Kyle, church friend Lee Partridge, Pathfinder director Hector Torres, and member Kelly Bab helped prepare for the renovations. The Pathfinders took turns climbing a ladder and attaching new chains and seats to the swing set. Then they scraped the old paint and rust from the exercise bars, scratching a few of their hands in the process, and applied a fresh coat of paint (Torres, 2007).


Torres, Hector A. (2007, Feb. 1). Southwestern Union Record, p. 17.

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