Sydney Scott

Sydney Scott (1874-1934)

Sydney Scott was born in the state of Texas in 1874, and died at Loma Linda, Calif., April 15, 1934. He received his education in the public schools of Texas and Oklahoma, and also at Oakwood Junior College, being one of the first to enter this school in its very earliest days.  Always, during the thirty-four years of his public ministry, he endeavored to encourage young men and women to qualify for service in the cause of the third angel’s message, and many young workers willingly entered Oakwood because of Elder Scott’s strong belief in a Christian education.

About the year 1898 Sydney Scott was ordained to the gospel ministry, and in 1900 was united in marriage to Miss Fannie Hodnett, who survives him. Many churches were raised up under the labors of Elder Scott in the conferences of the Southern, Southeastern, and Southwestern Unions, as well as in the Central Union. He was known in practically every State below the Mason and Dixon Line, and served for years as field evangelist for the Southern and Southeastern Union Conferences.

During the last seven years of his life he lived at Riverside California, and contributed much of his experience to the churches at San Bernardino and San Diego. While returning from a cottage meeting held Friday night, April 13, his car was struck by another car on the highway, and with a crushed chest and in an unconscious state he was taken to the Loma Linda hospital, where everything possible was done for him, but he never regained consciousness, passing away the next Sunday night after the accident.

Elder Scott, though of very positive convictions and of fearless energy, made many friends, and to these he always acted as a father and a counselor. Besides his widow, he leaves one aged aunt, one brother, nieces, nephews, and other relatives, and a countless host of friends in possibly three fourths of the States of this country. The funeral service was held in the large San Bernardino Seventh-day Adventist church, when words of comfort were spoken by the writer, assisted in by C. S. Prout, E. F. Hackman, and J. W. Allison. He was tenderly laid to rest in the Hillside Cemetery at Redlands, Calif., there to await the call of the Life-giver. –P. Gustavus Rodgers


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