Wellness Secrets

In 2004 members of the Decatur church established a new ministry in their community. They opened a small health center called Wellness Secrets. Church members were trained in the medical missionary aspects of hydrotherapy, massage, proper nutrition, and lifestyle education. They saw how God performed miracles through the use of natural remedies and determined to continue the health and wellness work in their area (Record, 2005).

Wellness Secrets center at 891 E. Roller Avenue in Decatur, Arkansas (Facebook, 2018)

Wellness Secrets had its grand opening in June 2004. Several people from the community joined the church members for free chair massages and blood pressure checks. Those who came had the opportunity to learn more about the center and sign up for health consultations (Record, 2005).

(Facebook, 2016c)

Regular seminars at Wellness Secrets include weight loss, stress management, and smoking cessation, along with a monthly cooking school. In 2005 they also opened a quarter-mile walking trail around the property that is open to the community. Volunteers become involved in giving Bible studies in addition to what the center offers (Record, 2005).

The Wellness Secrets building houses a hydrotherapy department and massage room, a health consultation room, a seminar room, and a small health food store and restaurant. The center offers five-day live-in programs and can be invited to churches for seminars (Record, 2005).

While closed in 2020 because of Covid, Wellness Secrets did some rebranding, updated their website and did some remodeling to expand services.


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