William Randolph Elliott

Louisiana-Mississippi Conference President, 1921-1926

His Early Years

William Randolph “Willie” Elliott was born on August 27, 1873, in Hills, Alabama, to Mary Matilda and Jesse Morgan Elliott. He was the oldest of six children and the only boy. In early childhood he moved with his parents to Bladon Springs, Alabama, where he grew to manhood. At the age of twenty-two he was married to Irene Williams. They had six girls, Elinor, Jessie, Willie, Mary and Lois, Elizabeth, and one boy, Osborn, in addition to a boy and girl who died in infancy.

Years of Ministry

Elder William Randolph Elliott in 1921

William joined the Seventh-day Adventist church at an early age and pastored in Alabama, and served as the president of the Tennessee River Conference from 1915 to 1919. In 1919 he became the Mississippi Conference president and when the Louisiana-Mississippi Conference was organized in 1921, Elder W. R. Elliott continued as the president of this new conference until 1926. The Elliotts moved to South Texas where Elder Elliott served as the president until the end of 1929.

Mission Service

In January 1930, the Elliotts moved to the Island of Trinidad, where Elder Elliott served as the East Caribbean Union Conference president through July 1937.

His Final Years

When they returned to the United States, Elder Elliott served as the Indiana Conference president until his unexpected death on November 25, 1945. He was buried at the Bladon Springs cemetery in Choctaw, Alabama.


(1945, Dec. 12). Death of Eld. W. R. Elliott. The South Alabamian, p. 1.

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