Clarksville Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Company

A Brief History of Clarksville, Arkansas
Compañía Hispana de la Iglesia del Séptimo Día de Clarksville

The Work Begins

In 2002, the 150 member Fort Smith Spanish Church congregation, which was renting a church in town, decided to rent a church in the nearby town of Clarksville and start a new congregation (Aguila, 2002). In 2005, Elmer Catota, along with members of his family, traveled from their home in Fort Smith to Clarksville, driving 100 miles every Friday evening and another 100 miles on Sabbath to meet with fellow Spanish-speaking people in Clarksville. They had a vision of starting a new congregation. Under the leadership of district pastor, Elder Ramiro Alvarez, visitation, Bible studies, and evangelism soon led to a small group of people meeting in the all-purpose building of the Clarksville English church (Newsletter, 2007).

A New Church in 2006

Photo courtesy of Elder Stephen Orian.

The Clarksville church wanted to buy a larger existing church but could not afford it unless they sold their property which included the building where the Spanish group was meeting. The Spanish group could not afford to purchase the property, but in early May 2006, a couple from California who were visiting friends in Clarksville met the Spanish church group. They were very impressed with what they saw and very generously purchased the entire property and gifted it to the Spanish group (Young, 2010).

Clarksville Spanish Company Organized in 2006

Through their faithful efforts the Clarksville Spanish company was organized on December 9, 2006, with thirty-five charter members. Their church was dedicated in March 2007 (Newsletter, 2007).

Clarksville Spanish church on Highway 352 in Clarksville, Arkansas.


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