Conference Presidents

Presidents of the Arkansas Conference, 1888-1932

In the beginning of the Arkansas Conference the president’s terms were short, often only one to two years. For several years, the president was the only paid employee and he spent much of his time visiting churches and holding tent meetings.

Dates below indicate years served as the President

Presidents of the Louisiana Conference, 1901-1920

“In contrast with the frequency with which the Arkansas Conference changed presidents, Louisiana’s first president, Sanford B. Horton, continued in office for seven years” (Beeler, 1996). Many of the others served four to six years.

Presidents of the Louisiana-Mississippi Conference, 1921-1932

Presidents of the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference, 1932-Present

Richard Curtis Dye, Sr., 2018-


Beeler, Charles R. (1996). A History of Seventh-day Adventists in Arkansas and Louisiana 1888-1996. Keene: Arkansas-Louisiana Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, p. 87.

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